Award / Grand / Themes

Current grants:

2010-2020: “Center for Genome Regulation”. FONDAP 15090007

2013-2017: “C/EBPbeta-mediated control of transcription during osteoblast differentiation”. FONDECYT 1130706.

2009-2013, “Mechanisms that control transcriptional responsiveness to 1,25-dihydroxy vitamin D3 in osteoblasts”. FONDECYT 1095075.

2011-2013: “Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Nociceptor Expression”. Advanced Research Nucleus UNAB DI-02-11/N.

2010-2013: “Reactivation of dendritic arbor development and plasticity in developing and adult brain: Role of NMDA receptors, and the proteins CaMKII and PSD95”. FONDECYT 1101012.

2012-2015: “Research ring in oxidative stress in de nervous system; physiological and pathological aspects”. ANILLO Grant ACT1114. CONICYT.

2012- 2015: “EULAMDIMA—Joint European and Latin American Research Network on Di abeticMicroangiopathy”. EULAMDIMA (295185).

Marie Curie Actions—International Research Staff Exchange Scheme (IRSES)

2010-2015: “Center for Genome Regulation”. FONDAP 15090007.

2012-2014: “Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer: Examining Chromatin Function in HBV replication and Leukemia”. Anillo ACT1119.

2010-2013: “Identification and characterization of functional common genetic variants affecting Wnt signaling by integrative molecular genomics”. FONDECYT 1100942.

2012-2014: “Wnt receptors involved in the regulation of neurogenesis in the way for your. adult hippocampus – Searching for the roles of Wnt signaling cascades”. FONDECYT 11110012.

2013-2015: “Interplay between stress hormones and brain monoamines in Cortex This daughter none arousing experiences”. FONDECYT 1130724

2013: ”Ansiolíticos que actúan sobre astrocitos”. Proyecto Corfo Innova 12IDL1-15995