1. Cesar Astorga Ahumada, PhD. Postdoctoral Research Associates
  2. Catalina Ponce, Biotechnologist, Ph.D. student, Molecular Biosciences Program, UNAB. Co-mentor. Mentor Jimmy Stehberg
  3. Erich Vilina, Biotechnology, Research Assistant


  1. 2021-Erich Vilina Kuester. Biotechnology. Universiad Andres Bello. Project: Motor Activity and Thermal Stress in Drosophila melanogaster: Thermal Plasticity, Aging, and Starvation. After: Research Assistant Jorquera Lab
  2. 2021-Yarabi Concha Villagran, Biotechnology. Universidad Andres Bello.

Project: Locomotor analysis of Drosophila melanogaster silencing VAMP7 in motoneurons. After: Research Assistant, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile

  • 2020-2021 Carolina Oliva Ahumada, PhD. Postdoc. Universidad Andres Bello. Project: Altered synaptic vesicle trafficking in neurological mutants. After: Research Scientist, Universidad Catolica)
  • 2020-Patricia Pujol Vazquez, Bachelor in Neuroscience. Universidad Central de Bayamon. Project: Morphometric analyses of VAMP7 null. After: Graduate Student, Universidad de Puerto Rico)
  • 2020-Gretchen Macias Mendez, Ms. Biomedical Sciences. Universidad Central del Caribe (Mentor since 2018). Project: Synaptic Modifications Induced by Starvation at Drosophila NM.
  • 2019-Agustin Gonzalez, PhD. Postdoc. Universidad Central del Caribe. Project: Electrophysiological analyses of VAMP7 null. After: Research Professor, Universidad Interamericana
  • 2018-Natalie Ortiz, Bachelor in Biology. University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon (Mentor since 2018). Project: Electrophysiological screenings of neuronal proteins. After: PhD student. University of Miami, FL
  • 2018-Jose Guzman. Bachelor in Biology. University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras (Mentor since 2017). Project: PKA phosphorylation domain of Synapsin in Synaptic Function. After: MD Student University of Puerto Rico
  • 2018-Agustin Gonzalez, PhD. Neuroscience Program. Universidad Central del Caribe (Mentor since 2015). Project: Role of complexin in vesicle cycling. After: Postdoc. Neuroscience Department, UCC
  • 2018-Javier Sevilla, 4th year. Medical Doctor Program. Universidad Central del Caribe, Bayamon (Mentor since 2017) Project: Role of Neuronal Proteins in Visual System. After: Resident at Veteran Hospital, Puerto Rico
  • 2017-Ismael D. Santiago, Ms. Neuroscience Program. Universidad Central del Caribe (Mentor since 2014). Project: Role of VAMP7 in synaptic function. After: PharmD student.Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • 2017-Johana Rodriguez, Bachelor in Psychology, UPR-RP (Mentor since 2016) Project: Genetic complementation analysis reveals a crucial role of VAMP7 in neuromuscular function and viability. After: Ms Program in Addiction, Catholic University of Bayamon
  • 2016-Eduardo Quiroz-Manriquez, Ms. Neuroscience Program. Universidad Central del Caribe (Mentor since 2013). Project: Role of Complexin in Synaptic Vesicle Coupling. After: Research Assistant. BNI, Universidad de Chile
  • 2016-Adrian Alejandro, 2nd year Sumer undergrad student, Biology UPR-RP. After: Ph.D. Student, University of California-Berkeley
  • 2016-Andres Koehler, Sumer Visiting Graduate Students. PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, University of Chile. Project: Analyses of short-term synaptic plasticity in DLG mutants
  • 2016-Francisca Bertin. Sumer Visiting Graduate Students. PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences, University of Chile. Project: Analyses of synaptic vesicle recycling at Drosophila NMJ
  • 2015-Flavia Tejeda, 1st year PhD Student (Provisional Mentor) Project: Role of Synaptotagmin 1 in asynchronous release.
  • 2015-Gabriela Zabala, 1st year PhD Student (Provisional Mentor). Project: Role of post synaptic Na+/K+ pump activity during high spontaneous synaptic transmission After: PhD student, National Institutes of Mental Health, NIH
  • 2016-Ricardo Ayala, MD student. Project: Dystrophin role in synaptic function»
  • 2015-Crystal Burgos. High School Summer Student (Mentor) Project: Role of Chloroquine in VAMP7 localization. After: Bachelor in Biology, Universidad de Puerto Rico
  • 2015-Hans Moldenhauer. CINV, Valparaiso, Chile, Summer Visiting Postdoc. Project: Electrophysiological Analyses of Shaker potassium mutant at Drosophila Muscle. After: Postdoc. University of Maryland School of Medicine
  • 2014-Liz Marie Bonet. Bachelor in Biology Program, UPR, Bayamon. Project: Glutamatergic and Peptidergic Terminals Display Different Exo/Endocytosis Rates. After: Sales Associates Pfizer.
  • 2014-Bryan Melendez. Bachelor in Biology, UPR, Bayamon. Project: Behavioral Analyses in neurological mutants. After: PhD in Chiropractic, Life University, GA
  • 2014 Jose Muniz-Gomez, High School Student. Step Program Las Vegas. Project: Altered Behavior in Complexin mutants. After: Bachelor in Neuroscience, Washington University, DC
  • 2013-Hector Fonseca. Bachelor in Biology, Inter Americana. Project: Knock-Down of Neuronal Proteins by RNA Interference. After: MD student, University of Medicine and Health Sciences: Saint Kitts, Basseterre, KN
  • 2012-Greisha Lee Ortiz. Bachelor in Biology, Universidad InterAmericana. Genetic Project: Analysis of SNARE protein Sequences. After: PhD student, Center for Health Disparities and Molecular Medicine, Loma Linda